e-Design is a very affordable alternative to traditional interior design services. We will correspond via email and phone to create a custom room design for you based specifically on your needs, style, and budget.


Customized Storyboard–A visual representation of all recommendations.
Room Overview–Conceptual explanation of the vision for the room
Room Layout–CAD rendering of your chosen room with furniture layout
Shopping List–Where to purchase all designated items

Storyboard and Layout includes initial design with 1 round of revision. After storyboard has been approved revised room overview, room layout and shopping list will follow.

There is a 4 week turnaround for e-design packages.

Once your deposit of $350.00 has been made, your design process will begin

Please fill out the questionnaire below so we can fully absorb your individual aesthetic. Have fun and be as descriptive as possible. This helps us give you the perfect design for your individual style!

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